I confess, I tend to drive too fast but I rationalize my lead foot by telling myself that when I'm 90 years old and my cruising speed is 40 mph, by the time I cash in my time on the planet, things should average out to around the speed limit. (wink)

Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook
Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook

Really, the State Patrol Doesn't think this is a joke. Just to pound home how serious the State Patrol is about catching speeders, just on this past Monday alone the State Patrol wrote 255 speeding citations statewide and that is just one day this week.

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The State Patrol is targeting different regions throughout the state.  The unfortunate result of excessive speeds on Minnesota roads is that 57 people have lost their lives so far this year due to speed. That's more than double the amount of fatalities the same time last year.

This has state officials very concerned and is the main reason for the statewide crackdown on speeding. Besides the State Patrol, local and county officers are also on the lookout for speeders.

When I say "excessive" speeds, I'm not kidding.  Just this month, so far, these are some of the speeding cases from around the state.  These cases were shared by the Minnesota State Patrol;

  •  104 in a 65 on Highway 52 in Rochester
  • 100 in a 60 on Highway 56 in Dodge Center
  • 118 in a 60 on Highway 52 in Rochester
  • 102 in a 65 on Highway 52 in Zumbrota
  • 115 in a 70 on I-90 near Luverne (juvenile driver with an instruction permit)
  • 104 in a 70 on I-94 near Elizabeth
  • 106 in a 70 and careless driving on I-94 near Barnesville

On a Facebook post from the State Patrol regarding the speed problem "This needs to stop. People are dying. End. Of. Story."

Stay safe and ease up on the speed a bit. It could save you some money and maybe even save your life or someone else's.

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