Have you seen something like this on Facebook? The Minnesota National Guard issued a warning to their followers recently.

On their official Facebook page earlier this month, the Minnesota National Guard called out scammers who were preying on those that like their page. According to their post, there are fake accounts, posing at the Minnesota National Guard, who are responding to comments on the official page, trying to trick followers into thinking they are the real thing.

The scammers with the fake pages were asking Minnesota National Guard followers to friend them on Facebook. As always, the Minnesota National Guard says not to accept friend requests from those that you don't know and should deny them when they come from a business or organization, as this is likely a scam.

Not only is scamming on their page awful, but the Minnesota National Guard states that this is a common scam that they see on social media. Scammers try to pose as those in the military so they can instantly gain the trust of someone online. From there, they try to get money from people. This sometimes works because people trust the organization, but it isn't them.

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Always take a few minutes to look into something on social media if it seems strange. Even if it doesn't seem strange, taking some time to look into things and make sure they are legitimate could save you big trouble in the future.

For example, at the bottom of the Minnesota National Guard's official website, they have links to all their social media accounts.

There has been no shortage of scams, even throughout the pandemic. One of the most recent scams comes courtesy of spring cleaning, with scammers preying on those selling things online.

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