MINNEAPOLIS --Minnesota is facing its largest truck driver shortage ever.

The Minnesota Trucking Association says it's short by more than 5,000 drivers.

MTA President John Hauslauden says the pipeline of younger people just hasn't been filling in at the rate it used to.

Drivers in the seats are the most critical but technicians to keep the vehicles running and then frankly, you know good back-office talent. You need all of these to make your team go so --- just like every industry trucking has those pressures and you know we continue to work, work to address them the best we can

The shortage could start creating a continued strain on the supply chain. Additionally, diesel prices have surged over 75 percent in the last year

Minnesota runs on trucks. Trucks run on diesel and with diesel, this high everybody's being affected

Hauslauden says no trucking company is escaping the high cost of diesel.

Regardless of the size of the fleet these are just costs they can't absorb and they have to pass them through to their customers which ultimately affect everything we buy and if they can't pass it along then companies may have to close the door

The average for a gallon of diesel in Minnesota is averaging around $5.50 a gallon.

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