This isn't surprising at all! A new study has named Minnesota one of the hardest-working states in the country. Wisconsin did pretty well, too!

This isn't a huge surprise, given the fact that the midwest is known in part for its hard-working people! It also makes sense considering another study that came out over the summer. The study said that Minnesotans weren't quitting their jobs like the rest of the country.

It is common knowledge that many people are quitting their jobs as of late, with people having re-examined their life and job during the COVID-19 pandemic. People may also be quitting due to the high pay companies are offering to find staffing right now.

Many companies are now offering the work-from-home model as well, which is enticing to some people who would rather not work in an office. Minnesotans are staying put though, which also shows how great of a work ethic those in the midwest have.

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Another recent study is backing it all up, naming Minnesota one of the hardest-working states in the country. The study was released by WalletHub on Monday (August 29th). In fact, Minnesota cracked the top twenty.

So what played into Minnesota coming in as the eighteenth hardest-working state? A bunch of factors, including average workweek hours, employment rate, average leisure time spent per day, among many other factors.

Things like employment rate, share of workers leaving vacation time unused and share of engaged workers also played a role. While Minnesota didn't come in at number one, coming in in the top twenty is pretty good.

Wisconsin also did well, coming in at number twenty four. Like I said, states in the midwest are known for their hard work and people with great work ethics so this makes sense. I am always happy to see Minnesota and Wisconsin topping a list like this.

Another midwestern state came in at number one! North Dakota placed first with Alaska coming in second and Nebraska rounding out the top three. Rhode Island, New Mexico and New York came in at the bottom of the list so if you are looking for a job anywhere, maybe avoid those places.

Another recent WalletHub study also named Minnesota one of the best places to live! I can't argue with that. Wisconsin made the top ten for the same study, too. It looks like Minnesota and Wisconsin are just the places to be.

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