Interstate 35 is a major north/south Interstate Highway that runs from Texas to Minnesota that splits into I-35E and I-35W in Burnsville and reconnects just south of Forest Lake to continue on to Duluth.

I-35 is a modern marvel of transportation that passes through several major cities in the heart of the United States. I'm amazed that I can hop on this road and drive clear up to Duluth in the matter of three hours or south to Laredo, Texas, in just over 20 hours (according to Google Maps). Whether you're driving north or south on I-35, that drive could be so much more pleasurable if everyone would just follow my five simple rules for driving on I-35. Also my road rage would remain in check and my poor wife wouldn't have to listen to me rant and rave about the idiot in front of me (although sometimes she looks at me like I'm the idiot driver, go figure).

  • 1

    Stop Hanging Out in the Passing Lane

  • Martinan/ThinkStock

    Get Off Your Cell Phone

  • Digital Vision/ThinkStock
    Digital Vision/ThinkStock

    Stop the Squeeze In

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    Avoid the Neck Down

  • Milenko Bokan/ThinkStock
    Milenko Bokan/ThinkStock

    Don't be a Turtle

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