It's never a good thing when someone gets fired.  And it's an even worse thing when it is allegedly a wrongful firing.  That's what is bringing Sven Sundgaard to sue his former employer, KARE 11, which is owned (parent company) by TEGNA.


Last May, of 2020, Sven was fired.  The reason given was because he had shared a post on Twitter regarding some protesters against Michigan's "stay at home" order that were referred to as "Nazi Sympathizers" and "Armed Extremists".   He didn't write the post, he shared it on his personal page.  He stated that there were other employees that had shared posts on their personal pages with commentary regarding political situations.  But he was the one let go.

This is a matter of public record, and according to Bring Me The News, this information hasn't come from conversations with Sven, himself, but from what is on record.  However, KARE 11 did make a statement to Bring Me the News:

"KARE 11 denies Mr. Sundgaard’s claims. One of our core values as a station is inclusion. We are committed to maintaining a respectful workplace free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.”

There were some other comments and situations throughout the time of his employment from 2006 to May of 2020 that apparently made him feel "uncomfortable".  These are also being brought up in support of this lawsuit.

Sven Sundgaard is suing for back pay and front pay totally $320,000.  And also punitive damages for up to $25,000.

TEGNA General Manager John Remes claiming Sundgaard's repost allegedly violated TEGNA policies.

Full story can be seen here. 

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