This is not the time of year you want to hear about ham recalls, but here we are, a few weeks from Christmas and Alexander & Hornung in Michigan (a part of the Perdue Meat Company) is recalling about 234,391 pounds of fully cooked ham and pepperoni products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, which is some nasty stuff.


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the products were produced on various dates and distributed to Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and across the nation.

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The products subject to recall bear establishment number “EST. M10125” inside the USDA mark of inspection and include the following brand names: Wellshire, Alexander & Hornung, Garrett Valley Farms, Food Club, Butcher Boy, Niman Ranch, Open Nature, Five Star, and Big Y.

RECALL - Labels for the 234,391 Pounds of Ham and Pepperoni Recalled

Hams or pepperoni with the following labels could contain listeria bacteria. Consumption of food contaminated with L. monocytogenes can cause listeriosis, a serious infection that primarily affects older adults, persons with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women and their newborns. Less commonly, persons outside these risk groups are affected.

Listeriosis can cause fever, muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance and convulsions sometimes preceded by diarrhea or other gastrointestinal symptoms. 

An invasive infection spreads beyond the gastrointestinal tract. In pregnant women, the infection can cause miscarriages, stillbirths, premature delivery or life-threatening infection of the newborn. In addition, serious and sometimes fatal infections in older adults and persons with weakened immune systems. Listeriosis is treated with antibiotics. 

Persons in the higher-risk categories who experience flu-like symptoms within two months after eating contaminated food should seek medical care and tell the health care provider about eating the contaminated food.

Click HERE to see the written list of ham and pepperoni products being recalled. 

The problem was discovered when the company notified FSIS that product sampling reported positive Listeria monocytogenes results. There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an injury or illness should contact a healthcare provider.

Photo by Eric X on Unsplash
Photo by Eric X on Unsplash

This is a situation where the ham or pepperoni is in your freezer or fridge. If you have some, toss it and eat the cost instead, or bring it back to the store where you bought it for a refund.

Consumers with questions can call the Alexander & Hornung Consumer Hotline at 1-866-866-3703.

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