Safety for our kids is #1 on our priority list as parents.  We've got helmets for them to wear on bike rides.  We secure all of the outlets and even toilet seat lids during the toddler years.  Keeping our kids from scrapes and cuts is a big deal and I know that parents try hard to do their best.  Unfortunately, 80% of Minnesota parents are failing in one massive way.


80% Of Minnesota Parents Failing Their Kids In One Massive Way

If you've got kids, I know you've had the pleasure of putting in those awkward car seats into your vehicle.  They are bulky, come with a lot of instructions, and unfortunately, most parents aren't reading those as thoroughly as they should.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, "Eight out of ten child safety seats are used incorrectly in Minnesota.".

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How to Get Your Kids' Car Seat Inspected in Southeast Minnesota

Ensuring your kids' safety while they are in a vehicle is vital.  Thankfully, there are several organizations in Southeast Minnesota that are offering car seat inspections.  Walk-in appointments aren't available but below are several places offering appointments:

Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations
Olmsted Medical Center - Hospital
Prenatal & Family Education

Mayo Child Passenger Safety Program

Olmsted County Public Health
2100 Campus Drive SE
Rochester, MN 55904

Fillmore County Public Health
P.O. Box 580
902 Houston Street NW, Suite 2
Preston, MN 55965

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