Owatonna High School students had a chance to explore their future at this week's College and Career Day. The Owatonna Foundation was excited to be part of the event, "The focus of today's events were our scholarships and reaching out to OHS students and faculty and discussing what the Foundation has to offer students," said Angela Gonzales in a news release.

Since its establishment in 1957 Owatonna Foundation has "committed close to $13 million dollars in grants and scholarships to local organizations and students," the release states. Grants are aimed toward the Foundation's purposes of funding recreation, arts, education and community, "Additionally, the Owatonna Foundation funds $30,000 in scholarships for Owatonna students attending community or technical colleges."

The fair had over 65 colleges and businesses, according to OHS principal Kory Kath.

The announcement from the Foundation states, "Gonzales and (scholarship coordinator Jill) Holmes spent the afternoon talking to students about their future goals, meeting with local businesses to partner with them in the future if they have employees that need training, and networking with surrounding technical and community colleges to help bridge the gap in financial aid needs for Owatonna students."

Are you aware on the many things you may drive by everyday that are funded, at least in part, by the Owatonna Foundation. Check this out!

Gonzales added, "We want to help fund opportunities for students to receive training in a trade in the hopes that they will return to Owatonna and help fill the many job openings that Owatonna has to offer."

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