On Friday the American Truckers Freedom Convoy came rolling through portions of Minnesota, including along I-90 with a planned stop in Albert Lea. While the forecast early in the week called for Friday having a mix of rain, sleet, and snow, instead mother nature treated those who lined I-90 in Southern Minnesota and I-94 in Northern and Central Minnesota to pleasant temperatures and enough wind to make all of the American flags flutter with life.

I was fortunate enough to connect with a few people who were at the Albert Lea/I-90 Freedom Convoy stop and they were nice enough to share some of their photos of the convoy rolling through, and of the stop in Albert Lea.

Alison, who was on top of an overpass taking pictures of the crowd welcoming the convoy to the area, also attended the event at Trails Travel Center told me that "It was an incredible event...it was amazing at Trails too. Everyone dressed up...all the awesome donations from people. The spirit in the air was incredible!"

Amongst the people awaiting the convoy was a fire truck parked on an overpass flying a flag from a raised ladder.

Here are the images that Alison shared with me, that she had shared with her from others at the welcome event along an overpass above I-90.

Freedom Convoy Minnesota 2022 I-90

According to a website that was organizing the Freedom Convoy the convoy itself is described as a "peaceful, non-violent, demonstrations by those who wish to express their constitutional rights. All registered convoy participants are required to accept the terms & conditions set by the event planners as well as acknowledge a participant code of conduct."

The convoy that came through Albert Lea along I-90 started in Washington state on March 1st and is expected to be in DC by the end of this weekend.

It's unclear as to how many items were donated to the convoy as they drive their way to Washington DC.

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