Jerry Groskreutz has been waking up the farm for more than 26 years in Southern Minnesota. Jerry has also for the last 26 years been introducing the agricultural lifestyle to people young and old while visiting with classrooms of children, or simply hanging out at one of the many town celebrations or county fairs that he attends. Yesterday during the Rice County Fair's 'Best of the Best' agricultural awards Jerry was surprised to learn that he had won an award, one that wasn't listed in the program, and on top of that honor, he was then surprised with his whole family being in attendance.

Image Credit: Tara Langevin/Rice County Fair

Jerry has been emceeing the Rice County Agricultures Best of the Best awards for the last 14 years. It's a program that if you've never heard of it or seen in person celebrates those in Rice County who truly live and serve in an agricultural sense. The University of Minnesota announces their Farm Family of the Year, the Rice County Fair announces its Friend of the Fair award winner, and people or families are inducted into the Rice County Agricultural Hall of Fame.

It was in the middle of this program that Jerry was honored, and his family, including his son and daughter-in-law who drove from Indianapolis to surprise his father being honored with a plaque honoring his achievements of being an ambassador and promoter of agriculture in our region for the past 26 years.

Image Credit: Tara Langevin/Rice County Fair

We learned that Jerry wasn't always proud to declare his love of agriculture. Jerry shared a moving story about when he was in college and learning early on at the U of M when you were in Minneapolis attending classes not to mention where you were from as people would turn up their noses at you. It was during this time that Jerry was in a medical class, and the professor actively recruited Jerry to enter into medical school as people like him, from small towns and farming backgrounds, had what it took to be great doctors. It was then Jerry realized he wanted a career in agriculture, and that he could proudly say he was a farmer.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Well, Jerry, we are proud of you as an ag broadcaster, friend, father, and husband. Thanks for all you do and congratulations.

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