Well, I started to feel that icky sore throat. The kind that makes it hurts to swallow and then trying to figure out will feel good or at least not so icky.

My solution has been been to eat and drink something warm. For breakfast I will have an egg sandwich and some tea, instead of my tasty cereal. I use to just drink plain tea, now we buy variety packs with green tea and hopefully some mint.

Then I drink a lot of tea or hot chocolate throughout the day. A few years ago I found out that lozenges work better in the beginning and then cough drops or suppressants. Either way, the back of my tongue seems to go numb and my stomach seems to get a little unsettled.

I do know that I do not use Sucrets brand cough drops. For some reason I end up swallowing them before they can do any good.

Since that icky sore throat does not happen very often, which is the good news, the other issue is to remember what works with so many types and brands of cough drops and suppressants out there.

When I get tired of the tea, I move on to orange juice and water. Of course, we cannot forget that tasty soup.

Hopefully you feel good.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

Lisa's Logic

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