Google is a big help sometimes, right? All you have to do is type in one letter or even a number and right away Google has an idea what you just might be looking for. Maybe a little pushy, but let's look on the bright side and go with helpful. Because sometimes what we are looking up will show up. Plus Google will spell it correctly.

That's the other thing. I know a dictionary is there for us too, but when you type it into Google, that will most likely get us closer to the right word.

So a while back I made a list of cities and townships in Steele County that are in other states. So let's continue that fun and see what Google answers are to "Why is ... ?"

Owatonna called Owl City

Medford Oregon so hot

Blooming Prairie mn/minnesota


  • important to christianity
  •  important in life
  •  important essay
  •  information


  • road homes for sale
  • road construction 2015
  • road apartments


  • considered a functionalist
  • thomas merton important


  • called somerset
  • prone to flooding
  • flooded
  • so called


  • 1g so popular
  • plummet closed
  • name ironic
  • so popular


  • the capital of Cuba
  • spelled habana
  • important to Cuba
  • famous

Bixby bridge famous

I figured I should try our state's name, too. Minnesota:

  • so cold
  • called the gopher state
  • called the Twin Cities

Google changed Pratt to prattville and pratte.

Lemond and Meriden both were given the red squiggly line, plus Meriden was suggested to be Meridian. Google suggested Steele to actually be Steelers and continued with:

  • logo on one side
  • game not on TV
  • playing in London
  • game in London

Clinton Falls, Steele Center and Ellendale did not have anything.

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