Minnesota has 30 ghost towns, according to ghosttowns.com. The state is separated into six sections, with the northern/central/southern parts with two sections each.

So each town has a number for the section it will be found in. Our area is Section 6. By the way, did you know that Minnesota has a town named San Francisco? However, it is not as big as the one in California, its namesake. Minnesota also has a town named for a Sesame Street character.

The ghost towns in our area are:

  • Ahston in Winona County, near County Road 12
  • Almon in Winona County on County Road 25, near Lewiston. It still has a town hall standing.
  • Enterprise, once again in Winona County. It is near Wyattville, east of Lewiston with the exit on I-90.
  • Fairwater, yep, in Winona County.
  • Forestville is in Fillmore County. It is now part of Forestville State Park with a trade store and some headstones may be found hiking in the park.
  • Frank Hill, back to Winona County. On County Road 12 with a farm, cemetery and church.
  • Grover, in Winona County, is three miles from Fremont with a couple of farms.
  • Homedahl in Faribault County. There is a mark for a former post office.
  • San Francisco in Carver County. It boasts the town hall/school house and a church, which is now a farmhouse.
  • Whitewater Falls, back to Winona County. The area was flooded at times being located near the Whitewater River. Now only a cemetery remains.
  • Woodland is in Faribault County. It is near Winnebago Township and Blue Earth River. It was once a farming area but flooding caused the area to be deserted. There is an old mill site, old dam and some other remains. The school house was moved to the county's fairgrounds.
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