These brothers know how to make the best of a warm November day.  This year has been anything but exceptional. It's been trying...It's been difficult...It's been a new experience for many of us.

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Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes


I had the pleasure of having my Great Nephews stay with me for a couple days this weekend, and it was fun to see how they've become so close through the pandemic. Sawyer is in distance learning in his hometown, so he's been spending a lot more time with little brother Kelvin.

Maybe it's because Kelvin is old enough to communicate with Sawyer, but watching these two play together was a pure joy for me this weekend.


Although my leaves were already raked up, like many of you; my trees decided to dump what was the rest of their leaves on Friday; just in time for the last weekend of nice weather to get them cleaned up.

These two boys came outside and helped me rake them up...and then we had some old fashioned fun.  Kelvin found this to be a lot more fun than Sawyer...but jumping in a few times, they both grabbed rakes and started raking away.

Granted, it didn't last long, but it was long enough to get some good laughts, get some good fun time running and playing outside, on one of our last warm weekends of the year. Notice the short sleeves and no jackets! This doesn't happen often in the month of November.

Thank you to Kelvin and Sawyer for still wanting to come see Great Aunt Kelly. I know these times won't last I'm cherishing this time that I have with them, and hopefully making some life long memories that they can carry with them.


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