Don't fall for this scam!

There have been multiple reports of an individual calling people claiming to be a "Lieutenant Reed" from the Rice County Sherriff's Office. This scammer then goes on to say that you've missed jury duty and you need to pay a fine via Green Dot Moneypaks in order to avoid being arrested.

There are definitely a couple red flags here but if you're in a panic you may not recognize them.

First of all, they would never call you and demanded that you pay a fine. Second of all, they would never call you and threaten arrest. Another thing that proves this is fake: the Faribault PD and the Sheriff's Office don't have a Lieutenant Reed that works for them.

The phone number this scammer has been calling from was traced to a call center "where scammers work as a group."

So if you get a phone call from someone claiming that you've missed jury duty and you need to pay a fine, don't believe them and contact your local police right away.

Here is the Facebook post from the Faribault Police Department about this scam:


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