If you are reading this and live in the Northland, you know that it has been anything but a real Minnesota winter. We've barely had any snow and we've only had one or two cold snaps, if that so far this season.

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As if this winter wasn't going down into the history books already, now we have another record to solidify its place. According to the Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources, we are seeing one of the longest 'January thaws' on record.

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What Is A January Thaw?

While this may seem self-explanatory, it actually isn't! The Minnesota DNR defines a 'January thaw' as the following, in scientific terms:

After a period of deep cold during January, we experience a run of mild conditions, often pushing temperatures above freezing.


A January Thaw is defined as two or more consecutive days with maximum temperatures above 32 degrees F. These thaw episodes are a regular part of Minnesota's climate, bringing a brief respite to a Minnesota winter.

These thaws are always welcome, especially after what is usually a brutal December and January in the Northland. This year, however, there really hasn't been too many periods of deep cold.

What Record Is Minnesota Breaking At The Moment?

At the time of writing, Minnesota is seeing its longest January thaw on record, with a streak of twenty-three days. This could continue as we continue to see warm temperatures this week and beyond.

It should be noted that this January thaw started on January 22nd. We've already beaten the old record, which was a January thaw of about twenty-one days. It looks like winter 2023 - 2024 is definitely going down in the record books.

How Often Does Minnesota See A January Thaw?

Interestingly enough, Minnesota sees a January thaw about eighty-two percent of the time. The last winter without one was winter of 2011 in the Twin Cities. The old record holder for a  January thaw was during winter of 2006 to 2007.

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I know there are a lot of cons of not having winter weather so I won't say that I am enjoying it. However, after seeing our snowiest winter ever in Duluth last year, it is a bit of a nice reprieve. Why can't we have a winter somewhere in the middle?

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