This week has been quite nice when it comes to weather. Most days were in the mid- 30's with no snow. The National Weather Service thinks that is changing this weekend. They put out this Tweet this morning.

They are not saying that we are definitely going to see snow this weekend, but we have a pretty good chance of seeing it. They are predicting for southern Minnesota... a wintery mix. This is like a snow, rain mix. With cold temperatures... that wintery mix will make roads super slick. The National Weather Service website says that the most snow we will get each day in southeastern Minnesota is around an inch.

Normally this would not be a huge deal, but because we are in the middle of the holiday season, this can change a lot of folk's plans. There is a chance for flight delays... train delays... and road conditions can add time to your travel plans. If you are traveling this weekend, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can check road conditions here at the Minnesota 511 road conditions map. Flight delays can be found here on the Flightviewer website. 

My fingers are cross that we do not get a lot of snow this weekend, but if we do, you can always get more information inside our station app.

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