In case you were wondering, Santa Claus does exist. And, if your kiddos are questioning his existence, all you need to do is play this clip, from the Rice and Steele 911 Center, as proof.

I was scrolling through Social Media, and found this gem, uploaded by the Blooming Prairie Police Department to their Facebook PAGE. It is a radio call about a low flying vehicle, moving at a high rate of speed. The description matches the description of Santa and his sleigh, being pulled by reindeer. Rice Steele 911 Dispatcher advised that he was not to be stopped, as he was spreading "peace to all and goodwill."

A very light-hearted, yet, timely message for all of those who work in public safety, the local police departments, sheriff's offices, ambulance crews, firefighters, Minnesota State Patrol, and the dispatchers in the 911 Centers, who were working during the holidays. We thank all of those who were working and appreciate them letting Santa continue his deliveries without detaining him.

Thank you to the Blooming Prairie Police Department for uploading the video to their Facebook page for all of us to enjoy!

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