If you like to exceed the speed limit, are you more likely to get a ticket-- and end up paying more-- here in Minnesota?

That question was the whole point behind a new survey put together by the team at Quote Wizard. They sat down and looked at speed limits in all 50 states and the correlation between them and the cost of getting a speeding ticket. And they did a few more computations that I can barely understand to come up with a ranking of all 50 states when it comes to speedy drivers.

They explained it like this: "Overall rankings are a differential comparison of speed limit and speeding tickets ranking, where states ranked highest have the largest negative difference of comparison," the site noted.

So which state is the worst for speedy drivers-- and where does Minnesota rank? Well, according to the QuoteWizard survey, Delaware, Hawaii and Vermont worst states for speedy drivers. They're followed by Washington and Oregon. Minnesota came in at #11 on the list, meaning our speeds are fairly low (67.5 mph, on average, the study said) while our speeding ticket rank is 15, meaning you're more than likely to get a ticket if you're speeding here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes than in 35 other states.

Over to the east, my home state of Wisconsin was ranked slightly below Minnesota, as the 15th-worst state for speeders overall, while Iowa came in right above Minnesota, rated as the 10th worst state for speedy drivers, QuoteWizard said.

If you want to drive fast and have the best odds of not getting a ticket, the QuoteWizard survey said you'd better head to Texas, Nevada and Arizona-- who placed 48th, 49th and 50th respectively on this list, meaning they're the best states for speedy drivers.

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