Grandpa Al's is/was an institution in Downtown Faribault. The bar boasts that it is Faribault's oldest bar, and also "one of the oldest bars in the state of Minnesota, still having its original liquor license issued after the repeal of the Volstead Act." according to their Facebook page. But Grandpa Al's has been closed since March due to COVID-19. Recently the City of Faribault suspended the "on-sale and Sunday liquor license" for Grandpa Al's at its last council meeting. So will it ever re-open?

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If you are searching for the answer to whether or not Grandpa Al's reopens, the answer is murky. A popular online rumor is that the business is or will be up for sale. As s=of this morning there has not been a listing online in regards to the building located at 23 Third Street NW being up for sale.

Image Credit: Screengrab of Facebook Question from Faribault Daily News
Image Credit: Screengrab of Facebook Question from Faribault Daily News

If the building/business goes up for sale it will be up to the new owner/s if they want to have the on-sale and Sunday liquor license re-instated. Or the new owner/s could make turn the building/business into something else entirely.

As to why the license was suspended at Grandpa Al's in the first place the City of Faribault stated to the City Council that:

"City Staff notified Jim Jasinski, owner of Al’s Place by mail on July 15, 2020 that the City Administrator would suspend the 2020 Liquor License as permitted by Chapter 4, 4-15 (d) of the City Code of Ordinances on August 16, 2020 at 12:00 am if liquor liability insurance was not reinstated by that date.

At this time [August 25 meeting], insurance documents have not been received by the City and it is recommended that the 2020 Liquor License be suspended until required insurance documents have been received at which time the license would be reinstated."

Time will tell as to what will happen to the property at 28 Third Street NW. Right now we know that it isn't open. Hopefully whoever buys it keeps it close to how it was been over the years, as a locally owned establishment with some cold drinks and *fingers crossed* live music in the future.

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