It breaks my heart seeing such a young and sweet baby going through such pain.

As a parent myself, the notion you would take away your child's pain and anguish and make it your own is true... so I can't possibly imagine what this family from Waverly, Iowa is going through right now as their two month old baby girl is fighting for her life after a freak accident.

McKenna Hovenga, who's barely just two months old, was accidentally hit in the head Wednesday night by an overthrown softball while she and her mother were watching a game. According to a constantly updating article from KWWL, she was immediately airlifted to Rochester and was diagnosed with bleeding of the brain and a skull fracture. Since then she has suffered multiple seizures, some of them coming in clusters, due to swelling of her brain and pressure from blood clots.

An update from her mother this morning said McKenna was doing better but the fight is far from over:

Still just a waiting game. Yesterday they did find a spot in her left lung, and she is showing signs of the beginning of a respiratory infection, so they started her on an antibiotic right away. And nothing they are worried about at this time. They are just staying ahead of it. Neurologist came in and said the EEG actually is started to look even calmer as we are taking her off the meds!! So a huge sign!! Please keep the prayers coming and fingers crossed!!!!!

If you'd like to follow along on baby McKenna's recovery, there's a Facebook page titled "Healing for McKenna" in which you can join. There's also a GoFundMe page dedicated to McKenna where you can donate and help the family with medical expenses HERE.

Godspeed, little one. Keep fighting!

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