The last 10 months have been pretty devastating to most bars and restaurants across the country. When they could fill the places up, it was still a struggle to make things work. Now, at reduced capacity or no indoor dining at all, it's tougher than ever to make ends meet in the hospitality business.


If you've been to Mickey's Diner in St Paul, you know what a special place it is.  So much history. Heck, it's been around for 80 years, established in St Paul on West 7th Street way back in 1939.

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A lot has changed in 80 years with the possible exception of Mickey's Diner. It would be a shame to let this great place parish now.

Mickey's was asking for help from the community and patrons that have walked through their doors for years. The GoFundMe campaign, according to KARE 11, has exceeded it's goal of $50,000.

The GoFundMe organizer for Mickey's, Bert Mattson writes;

"The pandemic, long stretches without indoor dining, downtown attractions, and events, have left historic Mickey’s Diner struggling to keep the ember glowing. Mickey’s took the pandemic seriously and suspended 24/7 service for the first time in its 80 year history. Please consider supporting the continuing efforts of this local, national and historic landmark to keep its sign glowing over St Paul now and for the future."

Hopefully, the money raised will keep Mickey's Diner in St Paul around for another 80 years.

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