The definition of a UFO is an unidentified flying object. What I saw last night was definitely an unidentified flying object.

My dog needed to go out to go potty at 6:12 PM which was really weird, he usually is on a super strict schedule, but when nature calls you gotta answer. So I took him out and noticed how crystal clear the night sky was. I was looking up admiring the stars, looking toward the north sky and suddenly a really bright star started moving.

This obviously wasn't a star (they don't move), and it wasn't a plane. This light object was moving in a line, but it wasn't exactly a straight line like a plane would make. The line had an ever so slight wiggle until it disappeared.

This was the note I made on my phone immediately when I got inside:

UFO spotted. I saw a bright white light moving in a not so straight line through the sky at a fast speed straight across the Cassiopeia constellation. I watched it for approximately 15 seconds. It then suddenly grew smaller and smaller and seemed to be absorbed or swallowed into the night sky. Time was 6:12 PM CST

I've seen planes fly at night and this wasn't a plane. They don't magically absorb into the night. I not entirely sure what it was, meaning it was unidentified. My dog also had a serious case of the zoomies (hyperactivity) when I was watching this object, which is super weird for my mellow older dog.

I did report this to the National UFO Reporting Center. I figured this might be my only chance to fill out that form.

About 20 minutes later I went to get the mail and the sky was totally clouded over. It was freaky and weird, but I'm glad my dog needed to go outside when he did.

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