Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation Talent Director Gail Cruikshank joined me on WJON today for our monthly "Get a Job" segment.  She highlighted a number of helpful hints for people to get the job they've always wanted in 2021.  She says each person should do some talent evaluation, figure out what they want to do and find out what they are good at.  She says everyone has transferrable skills which Cruikshank refers to as our "toolbox".  She says these skills can be computer related, communication background or even volunteer work that may have participated in which help with networking with others in the community.  Listen below.


Cruikshank says job seekers should cater their resume and cover letter to highlight applicable skills and experience that can help with the specific job they are pursuing.  She says job seekers can find out more beneficial job seeking information at and look for jobs and careers.

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