The Minnesota Vikings have already turned in, arguably, the top play in the playoff history of the NFL this postseason. Next, they look to become the first team to play in the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

Owatonna's Todd Walkingstick is a longtime Vikings' season ticket holder, which makes him an expert on disappointing finishes to playoff games. Sunday's Minneapolis Miracle left him in high spirits and optimistic that the team can make history. He is a regular guest on KRFO AM 1390 after Vikings' games.

He is confident that Minnesota can win in Philadelphia, where the Vikes are the favored team. But he says that could give the Eagles some extra incentive. Walkingstick thinks Philadelphia's defense is one of the strongest Minnesota will have faced, but believes the secondary might have some holes. Walkingstick realizes playing on the road is tough and thinks the "City of Brotherly Love" is especially hard on visiting teams.

During a Minnesota Twins' winter caravan stop in Rochester this week, manager Paul Molitor had a message for Vikings' fans. I'm pretty sure none of these good luck habits will help the Vikings Sunday, but neither will your special Robert Smith jersey. And you will still wear it.

Kat Kountry's Loren Hart found that some Twin Cities people are renting out their homes for the Super Bowl and is thinking he might do the same.


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