Here's a basketball score you have missed over the weekend. Greenville a Division 111 from North Carolina beat Fontbonne College of Missouri by a score of 200-146. Guess what? The 200 points in a game isn't even a record. Lincoln College in Pennsylvania scored 201 in a game played in 2006.

Let's try a little math. There are 40 minutes in a game. If you tried four field goals every minute or 15 seconds you'd end up with a total of 160. Greenville set a record by trying 154 field goals in Friday's game. That's almost one shot every 15 seconds and you've got to remember that their opponent found time to score 146.

Greenville could have been tired Friday as on Thursday night they won their game in overtime scoring 167 points. In fact looking at their season so far they're 14-6. In only one game of the first 20 did one of the teams fail to score 100 points. There has been one game that Greenville won giving up 99.Sounds like a run and gun league from top to bottom.

By the way, the night Greenville College scored 200 points their big brothers, North Carolina State set a record for the shot clock era by scoring just 24 points in a loss to Virginia Tech.

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