If you've left the Steele County Fair at night, you've noticed all the trash and stuff on the grounds. Yet when you arrive the next morning, it's gone. This is where Boy Scout Troop #351 comes in. On average around 12 scouts and 2 leaders clean up the fairgrounds each morning starting around 6:30AM. Duties include wiping picnic tables and benches. They also pick up litter on the Midway, Fair Square Park and by the Reseland Stage on KRFO Town Square.

After the fair, it's the really big cleanup. We're talking carpets, pallets, bricks and other bigger items. Over the years the Scouts have found a number of cell phones and one scout actually found $50 once while cleaning the grounds.

The fair pays the Scouts for their work and the money goes into their Scout Accounts.

September 13 the Scouts will have a Join Scouting Night and the McKinley and Washington Schools from 6-8PM.

We're got more road construction starting next week.

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