Today is the official start of the holiday shopping season, which has local and national retailers vying for your business. Maybe you are looking for a great deal on Christmas presents, or a great deal on electronics, you are sure to find them this weekend.

Now, I have gotten up very early and stood in line just to get some good deals. Not this year. I was out early this morning, but I didn't have to stand in line.

This year there are more online options for the big box retailers, and they started as early as the Monday before Thanksgiving. If you like shopping online, this is great news.

Don't forget though, Saturday is Small Business Saturday; get out and support our local businesses in the Southern Minnesota area. These are the businesses that support our local sports teams, our local charities, and hire our local teens for their first jobs.

If you shop Friday, Saturday, or even online Monday, let us know where you found your great deals.

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