For those of you that will be headed out shopping either today or this weekend, local law enforcement wants to offer up some tips to make sure your shopping experience is a safe one. Lakeville Police took to social media earlier this morning with a list of tips you should follow if you plan on heading out shopping during the holiday season.

The tips offered are rather common-sense tips, that when we are in a hurry or anxious to get somewhere so we don't miss out on a deal, we may not be thinking about our return trip to the vehicle or the safety of those around us.

Here are those tips from the Lakeville Police Department.

1. Park your vehicle in a well-lit area.
2. Keep your purse close to your body or your wallet in an inside coat pocket or front pants pocket.
3. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in a crowd. If you are pushing and shoving to grab a coveted item you are distracted. When you are distracted you are vulnerable to pickpockets.
4. Don't argue or fight over an item.
5. Only use one card for holiday shopping. It will make it easier, later on, to check for possible fraudulent payments.
6. If you're shopping with children, choose a central location to meet in the event you become separated.
7. Store shopping bags out of plain sight. Lock them in your trunk if possible.
8. Save your receipts and monitor your credit cards for any fraudulent activity.

All of these tips are things we can do, as long as we are thinking about them. Be sure to share these tips, which can be used year-round, with those who will be heading out shopping today or this weekend.

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