We asked you earlier today to tell us the restaurant you miss most in Owatonna, and you didn't hold back. For some the restaurant they miss most has close ties to precious memories, maybe it was where your family went on special occasions, or where you maybe went on your first date. Here is a list of some of those places you told us you missed the most.

Several of you stated Buck's Pizza was missed, some even going so far as naming their favorite pizza pie. Stacy C certainly enjoyed their 'belly buster' pizza, and Kelly M is craving their stromboli according to comments they left.

Image Credit: KRFO Facebook Page

Pizza places were certainly at the top of people's lists as Rose Street Pizza also came up a few times. Once again people even listed their favorite type of food. For some it was the Rueben pizza, others it was the chicken salad.

Image Credit: KRFO Facebook Page

Others longed for the days of Jerry's Supper Club.

Other popular and missed restaurants in the area were The Village Cafe, A & W, Sportsman's, Dragon Phoenix, and The Black Sheep.

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It's strange yet also beautiful how places we enjoy good food and company leave such a positive imprint on us. Some of these places have changed hands and names, some of the buildings are no longer standing, but those memories are still there, some so vivid you might even remember the smell of the food.

In 2020, we miss restaurants for other reasons, mainly spending time with those we love, but with vaccines getting approvals from the FDA we certainly hope that we will be back in those familiar booths, or bar stools sooner rather than later. And those bars and restaurants that can hang on will be full once more, ready to serve us food and beverage, and help create some more lasting memories.

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