Add another drink to the growing Seltzer market, the Minnesota based Grain Belt is set to release the drink by Memorial Day.

The seltzer craze has been a growing one, from White Claw to Bud Light Seltzer, you are sure to find a variety of the alcoholic beverage. Grain Belt, who is owned by August Schell Brewing, is releasing their variation of the popular adult beverage. N'Ice Breaker is the game and Prickly Pear and Guava looks to be the flavor! For those who has never tried a Prickly Pear, it's a fruit that grows on Cacti and has a sweet flavor. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

I'm not a big seltzer drinker myself but I occasionally will give one a try when i'm in the mood for a crisp, refreshing drink. This one from Grain Belt is one I definitely will give a chance!

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