Minnesota Rest Areas get pretty good reviews. But, that doesn't mean the Google Reviews for those rest areas are dull.

Some Very Sassy MN Rest Area Users

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rufus young GettyStock

I think it takes a special kind of person to take the time to review a rest area in any way shape or form. It takes an even more special person to do more than just hit a star rating and leave a message beyond, "Clean, nice." And that's what I've collected here.

The good, the bad, and the, "Whaaaat? Sir, this is an Arby's" review.

Google Reviews of SE Minnesota Rest Areas

Some are funny, some are serious and some just make you scratch your head.
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Minnesota Rest Areas - The Rundown!

  • 9 Travel Information Centers
  • 2 Regional Welcome Center Partnerships
  • 3 Visitor Center DNR Partnerships
  • 36 Class I Safety Rest Areas - These feature picnic facilities, lighted walkways and lighted car, recreational vehicle, and commercial truck parking lots. They often have a children's play lot, pet exercise areas, artwork, regional and cultural interpretative information, and scenic views. On both interstates and state highways.
  • 9 Class II Rest Areas - You know, not bad. They feature vault toilet facilities with separate facilities for men and women, picnic facilities, paved parking lots, and other site amenities.
  • 13 Class III Rest Areas - These feature unisex vault or pit toilet facilities, picnic facilities, walkways, and other site amenities. Some have paved parking lots, water wells, and historic or interpretive displays. They are seasonally operated.
  • 113 Class IV Rest Areas - Not really a rest area so much as an area where you can pull off, pee in the bushes, and see a nice view. Sometimes people call them waysides.

Are you going to be road-tripping anytime soon? I'm a sucker for almost any kind of roadside attraction, but Jessica's list of overrated attractions is pretty spot on.

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Minnesota is known for a lot of amazing attractions! Of course, we also have 10,000+ lakes that we love to boast about. However, we have a few places that seem to be hyped a bit more than some think is necessary. In fact, there are 8 attractions in Minnesota that people say are the MOST overrated in the entire state.
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