A video has recently gone viral on social media and it shows an unsuspecting driver pulling out in front of a cement truck. Unfortunately for the driver, the truck did not have enough time to stop and ended up dousing the vehicle in cement.


Vehicle maintenance can sometimes be a headache. Even simple things like fueling up, washing your car, or changing the oil can become tedious tasks.

One thing drivers never want to experience is having their paint job ruined.

Twitter via @WWarped
Twitter via @WWarped

Unfortunately for one driver, their mistake on the roadway led to their vehicle receiving much more than a paint chip.

Video from the dashboard of a cement truck driver shows how everything went down.


The video was taken back in 2019 per the time stamp on the recording, but it has recently gone viral amassing over 16 million views on Twitter alone.

Unsuspecting Driver Gets Doused by Cement Truck

See the video for yourself via @WWarpred on Twitter.

As you can see, the car pulling out of the parking lot must not have seen the massive truck heading their way. After pulling out in front of the truck, it was too late for the vehicle to make any maneuvers.

Thankfully, the truck was able to stop short of the vehicle and avoid a collision. Unfortunately for the driver, this meant that the cement load the truck was carrying instantly began pouring out on top of the other vehicle.

A nightmare situation all the way around, as this driver must have had an interesting time getting their vehicle cleaned up. Remember, if a big truck is headed your way - it's best just to let them pass before trying to pull out in front of them.

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