Not that you need another reminder to put the phone down while driving, but here's another reminder that distracted driving is dangerous driving. The Goodhue County Sheriff's Office posted a picture of what used to be a Ford F-150 after it collided with a parked tractor.

Image Credit: Goodhue County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Image Credit: Goodhue County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

The post from the Sheriff's Office states:

The driver of this vehicle is lucky to be alive. The driver’s statement about the crash: “When I came to the top of the hill, I saw the tractor. My phone rang and I only looked down for a second to see who was calling. When I looked up, I knew it was too late and I was going to hit it. I didn’t know the tractor was stopped when I first saw it.”

For reference, we also included pictures of the damage that was done to the trailer that was hit by the truck. You should see that the damage done to the trailer was pretty minimal compared to what was done to the truck that hit it.

We beg you to slow down around farm equipment and to always keep your eyes on the road. This driver was very lucky to walk away from this. There is a good chance the next driver won’t be so lucky.

The photo of the truck, taken by the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office, shows how little damage was inflicted on the truck in the crash.
It's a good reminder to slow down, put your phone away, and just drive. Drivers out on Minnesota roads should also note that many area farmers are getting back into the fields, preparing to harvest area crops, which means they will be on area roads. Give those tractors and combines a wide-berth, and make sure to slow down if you see them coming. It's hard to keep those large vehicles to just one lane.

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