Some people have anxiety about going to their High School reunion. Did you know that statistically, only 20-30% of your classmates will attend the reunion? When I told some friends and co-workers that I was going to the reunion, they laughed and said they would never do that. Why is it so scary for some people?

The 20-year high school reunion is the big one you think about when you graduate. At least that was my case. You think about the future and where you will all be in 20 years. Of course, when you are a young, bright-eyed, and invincible 18-year-old, you imagine you'll be rolling up to the reunion 20 years later in your flying car with loads of cash and looking like a million bucks.

Well, that didn't exactly happen. Any of it really. Instead, I showed up exhausted with bags under my eyes after starting work that morning at 4:30 am. I tried to take a nap in the afternoon after work, but I was too nervous or excited to sleep. I could have skipped out on the reunion, it would have been easy. But I did tell a couple of friends that I would be there, and Julie hooked me into providing music for the event, so I had a purpose.

Anxiety about going.

Am I going to remember everyone's names? Am I going to recognize people after all this time? What are we going to talk about? These were all things running into my head. How stupid it turned out to be. I immediately recognized everyone and it was super laid back. The cash bar also helps lubricate conversations.

Sure you see them on Facebook, but in person is so much different.

Social media is a fun way to connect and keep in touch with people. I'm friends with quite a few people from high school there. Some say, "What's the point of a reunion if you already know what they are up to?" It's different in person. To see someone and chat with them face to face is still definitely worth experiencing. Plus you might even make some future plans and reconnect with old friends. That's not something that typically happens when you like or comment on someone's social media post.

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Nobody tries to one-up you at your 20-year reunion.

Everyone that was there for the reunion was there to see old friends. There was no competition. People were genuinely happy for each other and just happy to see each other. I think I can speak for most when I say we all wish each other the best. One of my favorite sayings applies: Jealousy is the thief of joy. Nobody cares, they just want to see you.

People are hoping you'll show up.

There were a lot of people that I hoped to see at the reunion that didn't come. In some cases, it's a long way to travel. People have busy lives, and I get all that. We didn't have a huge graduating class. I think it was around 120-30 people. My guess is we had about 30 people show, which is right in that 20-30% statistic I was talking about earlier. It's strange how that percentage was right on, and that's for every school, everywhere.

People will talk crap about you if you don't go.

At one point I grabbed the microphone and the yearbook and we went through everyone that wasn't there and talked garbage about them. I'm just kidding. That didn't happen. We did ask where were a lot of people, and if anyone had heard from them in the last 20 years. Nothing bad was said.

Just go, you won't regret it.

We took a group photo at the end and you could just see the smiles on all of our faces. Genuine smiles. It was a good feeling that we brought home with us. See you in 10 years, guys.

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