Former Steele County Fair secretary Jim Gleason and his family issued a note of thanks to the community for its support while he battles an aggressive form of brain cancer. Gleason recently stepped down from his post with the fair after advice from his doctors. He was the fair secretary for seven years after many years as a radio salesman.

The note sent to KRFO reads, "Jim and his family would like to send out a note of thanks to everyone in the community for all of their support over the last couple of months. For all of the cards, the gifts, and the food sent Jim's way-thank you. For keeping Jim in your thoughts and prayers-thank you. For the well-wishes and messages of strength and love sent through his Caring Bridge website-thank you."

Gleason began experiencing communication difficulties in mid-October and was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly thereafter. It was announced in late December that Gleason was stepping down from his position with the Steele County Fair.

"Jim and his family are truly humbled by all that has been done for them during this trying time. Though there is still a difficult journey ahead, it is made so much more manageable with everyone there by Jim's side, and as he moves forward with his treatments, he will put his faith in the doctors and medical staff caring for him, in his friends and family supporting him, and in the Lord remaining perpetually by his side. Jim knows that he could not fight this battle alone and is blessed to not have to do so; he is blessed to have such a wonderful team behind him."

The note closes with, "So, thank you, to all, for everything. Jim wants to wish everyone a very happy holiday as well as good and prosperous New Year."



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