The mega Mall Of America announced that they have five new retail stores coming to there location which is a positive sign given the fact that they like so many businesses around the country really struggled during the pandemic. According to Bring Me The News here are the new stores:

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Arula (Level 1, South)

Photo: Arula

A women's clothing store that specializes in plus sizes 10-24. They carry all types of clothing, shoes and accessories. This is a great option for women to find clothing options that they like, and be able to try them on right in the store.

NuLeev (Level 2, West)

Photo: Nuleev

Organically grown and uniquely formulated. 3rd-party certified & clean label #NuleevCBD.

PacSun Kids (Level 2, East)

Photo: PacSun

A unique socially conscious clothing store specializing in unisex clothing along with men's, women's, and children's along with swim wear. I think that it is awesome that a store offers gender neutral clothing, hopefully more places will follow suit.

Psychobunny (Level 1, West)

Photo: Psychobunny

This is one of those stores that I absolutely love with bright colorful shirts, hoodies and loungewear with giant graphics. Clothes for adults and kids plus accessories. This is the first store to be located in Minnesota and makes sense that they would plant themselves at The Mall of America.

Ridemakerz (Level 1, East)

Photo: Ridermakerz

This store offers one-of-a-kind toy cars or Ridez. Customizers experience the ultimate car customizing experience where they can build one-of-a-kind Ridez which are about  the size of a football. You can choose between body styles and colors, rims and tires, lights and sounds, accessories and decals! This is not your typical car kit, and quite the cool experience for kids and adults alike.

The Mall of America has not given exact dates when these stores will be open, but for people who love to go into stores to shop these are some nice additions to the mall. The mall currently has over 520 stores, sure to keep anybody busy for a day or two.

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