It is pretty unheard of for someone to catch a home run ball. Think about it, there first has to be a home run, and you have to have it hit at you. Well at the Twins game last night, a pair of friends from the same group caught a home run ball of their own.

It was a spur of the moment trip, but my buddy is a Brewers fan (still not sure why I hang out with him) and wanted to check out the game. The place was buzzing the moment we walked into Target Field.

We got standing only tickets, and walked around and found areas to watch the game. It was pretty sweet. We spent most of our time in right field, which was perfect. Plenty of room to see, and we had a shot at catching a home run.

Well, there were FIVE yes FIVE home runs at the game. We did not catch any of them, but a pair of friends DID. The first one was Brain Dozier's grand slam that gave the Twins a 7-4 lead, and Max Kepler followed up with a solo shot of his own, which the other friend chased down.

Yes, friends caught back-to-back homers. How cool is that?!? I wish it was me and my friend. That is one heck of a story. That was also Dozier's first career grand slam, I really hope that guy got to meet him or something, that would be awesome.

I would have been like a kid in a candy store. Heck, I was a kid in a candy store once I walked into Target Field. That place is majestic.

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