Over the past few years, gaming has become a big thing. Many kids spend hours in front of their TV's or on their computers playing a wide range of video games. A very popular one is "Call of Duty." According to WCCO the very first "Call of Duty League Tournament" is happening in Minnesota.

The article says that teams from Florida, New York, London, and Pairs will be competing at this event int the Twin Cities. Minnesota even will be represented at the tournament. The team calls themselves the "Minnesota Rokkr." They practice in Eagan, so they can compete at this high of a level.

Like many sports tournaments, it is a team effort to pull out a win. They have to work together to get the end result they want. The folks that are competing this weekend are the best of the best in the world. They have to practice and perform like the top athletes in the world.

The event is taking place at The Armory this weekend. The event kicked off Friday and will run through Sunday. Even if you don't know anyone competing, there are other activities going on. They will have live music throughout the weekend and old-school arcade games. It sounds like a super fun family event.

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