A teenager from Plymouth Minnesota has put his passion and talent towards a good cause by coming up with a video game to help show how the COVID-19 vaccine actually works. For those of us that can remember it reminds me of the old Space Invader game.

Josh Ternyak is 16 years old and has spent the better part of the last 2 months coming up with his game called " COVID INVADERS". Josh said he knew that a vaccine was going to happen at some point  and so with a little encouragement from his friend Roman the game has come to fruition.

I hope people will just have fun and enjoy playing this game and hopefully it will inspire other people to create similar games or similar tools that could help us further along the path of getting rid of the virus and going back to normal life.

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The game is Free and is really starting to catch on having launched just last week he has had thousands of people play including me. The actual game lasts about 60 seconds so you have to be pretty quick, but it is a lot if fun and a great way to spread awareness for people of all ages. To play the game go to covidinvaders.com

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