As we've learned during the pandemic, things that we take for granted as being in plentiful supply can go in short supply unexpectably.

The current hot item in short supply is fireworks, on a 4th of July holiday where Americans are able to gather and celebrate together again after a long year, may have to pay a lot more, or not be able to find any fireworks at all this year.

The nation's largest firework's retailer, Phantom Fireworks, is warning the public that like many industries, supply chain delays are keeping the fireworks from making it to the shores of America.

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NBC News is reporting that prices in some areas of the country have gone up as much as 30% this year, this comes after a record year for fireworks retailers in 2020 when much of the countries public fireworks displays were cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Shipping fireworks is a tricky business, it's not as easy as shipping non-explosive items, only a handful of international shipping companies will ship the product, and of those, only a small section of each ship is designated to house hazardous items, like fireworks.

Local retailer KG Fireworks Warehouse just outside Superior is still getting shipments, over the weekend they announced on social media that another shipment had just come in, saying, "It was like Christmas in July yesterday morning! Our awesome suppliers pulled through for us and got us a few extras for the season!"

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