Tips for Fireworks Safety
I love fireworks! Sitting on the grass on a warm evening watching a great fireworks display is one of the best parts of summer. To help everyone enjoy the Fourth of July and avoid injury or worse, I’ve gathered some safety tips from and!
Fireworks Light Up Waseca
I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July this year. The weather was certainly perfect for outdoor activities and gatherings with family and friends. This year my wife and I, and my youngest daughter, her husband and my grandchildren, made our way to Waseca for a picnic supper with my oldest son, h…
Lisa's Logic: Bang, Boom and Pretty
So yesterday was the Fourth of July. Check out the video we have on the website of a lady singing the national anthem. It is very cool. It brought tears to my eyes.
Of course we also have pretty fireworks to cap off a great day. We usually go to Blooming Prairie...