The Southern Minnesota Land Use Expo hosted an FFA Career Day at the Toquam farm shop located near Blooming Prairie. Isaiah Toquam is on the Southern Minnesota Land Use Expo board of directors. The last couple of years they have hosted field days during the summer but decided this time to try something different this year like a FFA Career Day. A number of agricultural business gave a short presentation on careers that were available in their segment of agriculture. In addition they had booths set up so FFA members could talk with them one on one.

Banks and Ag Lenders were also there along with local equipment dealers, Coops and crop production retailers, drainage companies and many others. The idea was to let our area FFA members know how many well paying jobs and careers are available in agriculture. A lot of students think of agriculture as only farmers that raise livestock and crops. However, there are a lot of other jobs that are involved in agriculture that provide farmers with the inputs and services they need.

Isaiah said more than 60 FFA members from Blooming Prairie and Medford were bussed out to the Toquam farm for the FFA Career Day. The agricultural business that participated were very pleased with the program too. They were there because they are always looking for potential motivated well trained employees. We want to salute the Toquams and also the Southern Minnesota Land Use Expo for getting the message out about all the well paid careers in agriculture that are available.

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