Faribault Fire Chief Dustin Dienst told KDHL AM Minnesota listeners today according to statistics he found on average there are 75 hospital visits across the state from fireworks injuries.

That's not a large number but these incidents are preventable.  About 45 percent of the injuries happen to younger children.

Dienst says, "You have to be 18 years old to buy fireworks.  So fireworks aren't for kids but what do we think about (when we think about them?)"

I pointed out seeing little kids running around with sparklers and asked how hot they are.

"1200 degrees." Dienst replied, "Yeah they're pretty, but that's like giving them a burning something and go ahead and go run around and wave it around.  I know there's different ways of looking at it. Celebrating and you can do it correctly and safely but you have to really supervise those kids if you allow them to play with the sparklers or what's legal here.  Sparklers, fountains, ground spinners, even those snappers."

"Once and awhile you see people throwing those snappers at each other.  They seem pretty innocent but I've seen them leave marks on shirts.  So there's a little explosion there.  That means a little bit of gun powder or some explosive substance that will leave a mark.  If it's on your clothes that's one thing but if it's on your skin that's another."

What's illegal in Minnesota for fireworks?

"If they explode or they shoot into the air they are illegal in Minnesota at this point." Dienst stated.  What's legal then?  "Sparklers, fountains, ground spinners, snappers.  Another thing I learned while researching for today's show is that fireworks, even the legal ones can't be used on public property such as parks, roads, alleys, schools or government property."

In other words they can only be used on private property.

Listen to this very informative program below and be safe this 4th of July holiday.

Please don't have pets around fireworks either.  Dogs and cats have superior hearing to humans.  Check this out.

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