We confirmed the obvious during a recent KRFO Facebook posting. People LOVE Owatonna's parks. We asked you for your favorite go-to spot as a family as part of a giveaway for tickets to the Summer National Monster Truck event in Owatonna July 28. Many of those who posted, stated that Owatonna's parks are their favorite spot to spend time.

Many writers also told of spending time at "Grandma & Granpa's," going to a lake, going fishing and going to movies. The Steele County Fair came up numerous times as well. Quite a few posters also spoke of simply spending time at home on the deck. Several talked of getting away from technology.

Among the postings related to the local parks:

  • Sarah Klemp, "Kaplan Woods and the trails just to see the wonderful outdoors."
  • Brandy Schoenbauer, "All the great parks in Owatonna."
  • Heidi Wilkie, "We like to go park hopping..."
  • Colton Havelka, "The Straight River since we live right in front of it."
  • Gary Thomas Jr, "Eat lunch at Wagner's Lunch before hitting Kaplan's Woods or Mineral Springs Park! So much I miss about of Owatonna!!"
  • Abbie Hanson, "Any park is usually where we end up when the kids are bored."
  • Vanessa Knickrehm, "We spend our summer nights at the ball diamonds."
  • Carolyn Wilkie, "Fairgrounds Park with the grandchildren."
  • Daniel Paur, "Owatonna Aces games in the summer."
  • Nikki Jeno-Johnson, "We love Morehouse Park."
  • Jessica Mundt, "Any park! My son is so happy at parks!"
  • Craig Thompson, "Family bike rides on our beautiful trails."
  • Judy Bliss, "Central Park, something all of us can be proud of having here."


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