Duluth Urbex is at it again, this time exploring a historic building in Red Wing, Minnesota. They checked out the Pottery Place.

The Potter Place describes the place as a an experience you won't forget. They have unique gifts and souvenirs from shops like Stockholm Pie, Mystic Guitars, Pottery Place Antiques and more. If you're looking for some food, you can get some grub at places like the Pie Place Café, Godfather's Pizza, and the General Store. There are also apartments for rent and retail space available as well.

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The building was constructed in 1877 to house the Minnesota Stoneware Company's production. It only took a year for the construction to be completed. Unfortunately in the winter of 1900, a massive fire erupted, burning the building down to the foundation. The cause is unknown, but many believe it was due to a newly installed gas kiln.

Later that year, the massive four story building was rebuilt in just four short months due to the high demand of stoneware products. 30 years later a tunnel kiln was built and happened to be the longest kiln in the United States at that time.

Duluth Urbex via YouTube
Duluth Urbex via YouTube

In 1946 when everyone was changing to plastic containers and large metal vats, the demand for stoneware decreased and the stoneware line at the Pottery Place closed down. However, they were still producing pottery, they just focused more on dinnerware items.

In 1967 the workers went on strike and the building sat vacant until 1980. The building then got new life in '82 when it was renovated and brought up to modern safety codes. The building then began housing outlet stores, restaurants, offices, apartments, and retail shops.

Duluth Urbex via YouTube
Duluth Urbex via YouTube

The building has gone through a few different owners over its historic time. However, the unique quirky place is known for its history, beauty, and charm just like the city it is in.

Check out the video below from Duluth Urbex as they got to tour the historic place:

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