Take A Trip To Owatonna And 1840
The "20" Rifle & Pistol Club and Straight River Archery Club is hosting the annual Rendezvous at the site near Owatonna this weekend. The group that puts it on are volunteers who educate families and the community on the pre-1840 fur trade era.
Loren's Digging Into Presidential Trivia
Monday, February 20, is Presidents Day. Here are a few trivia questions to ponder with the answers below.
1. This president hanged several men.
2. We've often read of William Howard Taft being the largest president, but he didn't have the biggest feet...
Where Have Those Popular Names Gone?
As I was thinking about how unusual, but good, the name Kayden was for my new grandson, I got to thinking about what happened to all the names that were popular when I was growing up. Many of the girls I went to school with were named Anne, Mary, Julie, Donna, Diane, Lisa, Sherry and Michelle...
Where Would Radio Be Without The Victrola.
If you get a chance, check out the video that Tamara put together in the "A Look Back" series on our YouTube channel, about the Victrola. I have never owned one, but some older members of my family have. And it got me thinking. Had the Victrola, or similar items, or records, not be…

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