This old step was sitting in front of an old granary on our property when we moved here 25 years ago. The granary was probably 1900 or older with square nails being used and such. I tore it down shortly thereafter and moved the step to another shed without giving it a thought. Earlier this spring I moved it to another out building. It was then I took a good look at it. It appears to have been made by running a tree through a plane and then cutting it off into the size of the step.
What do you think? Have you seen a step like this before?

Of course it makes me wonder if it was made in the old Ellendale mill. Perhaps the turn of the century owner of this place used this step. That wouldn't have been Lt. Governor of Minnesota John Gibbs. No real way of knowing for sure of course. As you can see part of the inside has gone by the wayside thanks to the weather. This was probably a heavy bugger when it was new and complete. Got any thoughts of the uniqueness of this step?

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    Top view

    This old step appears to have been made in one piece with no nails or glue obviously. Just cut and planed out of a tree.

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    Side View

    The elements have eaten away one part of the inside. You can peer in and see the grains of the tree.

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    Another Side View

    It appears to be one piece. I suspect this will last longer than I will.