Father's Day is this Sunday, and I am all about celebrating the dads out there. My dad is a great father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He has raised my brothers to be great dad's as well, and they all have a great sense of humor. However, these gifts may be taking it just a tad too far, even for my family, and that is saying A LOT!

Is there anything missing on this list? For more out-there ideas that could compete for worst gifts, check this site out.


  • Archie McPhee/Amazon


    Temporary tattoos for the dads who have a receding hairline. This is a no-go for my dad.

  • Laughmart/Amazon

    Sandal Socks

    Do we want to know why? It's bad enough that people wear socks with their sandals.

  • Fashion First Aid/Amazon

    Subtle Butt

    All dads have gas, here's a product to filter out the more noxious fumes. Wonder if it really works?

  • Gift House International/Amazon

    Belly Button Brush

    Is this really that much of an issue that there needs to be a brush for it?

  • Accoutrements/Amazon

    Emergency Underpants

    For when you really need a clean pair of underpants?